Wing is shaking in Replay

Hey Community!
When i go in to my Replay file from my flight today the wing is shaking the whole time i am in air from Depature to Landing.

Help Please.

Would you perhaps be in one of the following? 787/8/9/10, MD-11/F? A318/19/20/21?

It is in the 738

And it is going on the maximum wing flex.

I forgot about that, and that’s wing flex, the 737 family has it👍 No issues

Yes it is going up and down on maximum

What are your weather settings in the replay file? You can change those settings and if the Turbulence is set to a strong level like Severe or Extreme, you’ll have that extreme wing flex.


BTW when i Flown the flight the wing wasn’t shaking.

Video here:

Well the Weather was on Maderate on Turbelenece and i switched to Light and it was same as on the flight.

(Maybe the turbelence switched when i was landed?)

737/8/9 have wing flex too. Aswell as the DC-10

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So does the a330

I’ve had that too. But now it doesn’t do it anymore. I’d say maybe clear scenery cache and restart your device if that doesn’t work.

This doesn’t do something with the wing, only for the scenery.


The OP already was already given the solution. There’s no need to comment anymore suggestions 👍


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