Wing Flex


Its now very stiff no matter how hard the turbulence is. Add wing flex will add realistic effect to the simulation.

Wing Flex
Wingflex on the 747-8
777 wing flex
Wing Flex for IF

Wing flex would look amazing on an aircraft with raked wingtips (Thinking of 747-8 in retro Lufthansa livery and 787-9 in Virgin Atlantic livery) :heart_eyes:.

Wonderful idea!

Long live the DC-9!


Are you guys planning on putting Wingflex in the game?


I mean, I’m not…maybe Matt is. ;)


Id like that more than auto land. I hate it. The planes just land for you and it ruins the game. Wish there was wingflex


IKR! i mean it would look soo cool


not bad, i can watch wing view landing as a passenger, with others aircrafts on the airport…


The wings should also break off am I right?


I hope that the developers don’t forget about wingflex. It is subtle, but adds so much realism during turbulence and flight.


Similar to tyre smoke it adds so much more realism even though it’s such a small thing.


Indeed, it would be cool to see the devs have a “realism” update, filled with tire smoke, and subtle things like wingflex to make the game a much more realistic experience.


@philippe Possibly a good idea?


No need to tag developers in things like this @JDE1303 you only tag them if there is a major bug, and even then, I wouldn’t do it. They look at everything but getting a notification all the time for feature requests must get annoying :)


Sorry Thomas ✈️✈️


So much? Like as in the wings would rip off?

“Crazy Captain Sends”, sorry Max.


Perhaps wing stress and fatigue could be added in after wingflex is.


I pray within 1 year that unexpected complications will be added like in Extreme Landings…however yes we definently need wing flex


I want this, it is realism well needed.


The other thing about wing flex is the wing flex dynamics during flight, combine that with ground effect and the plane does not want to land!! Just wants to float on into the sunset 😎


A litte wing dihedral please. 787 or 777 would be great.