Wing flex on the ramp and taxiways?

Just thinking about any ways to male our beloved sim even better, it came across my mind after recently flying that the time that we see those wings bounce around most is on the ground. If you are lucky enough to fly, then you will understand.

I think it would be amazing if we had the wings moving on the ground in IF. After all, the tarmac isn’t perfectly smooth and the wings aren’t made of concrete! Seeing the movement of the wings on the 737, A320, 787 and trijet families as you taxi out to the runway or in to the gate would be cool.

Thankyou for reading my suggestion…
Let me know what you think! ;)


I think it’s a great idea to have in the sim. (However this needs to go in the #features category)


Cool idea, though it belongs in the #features category, where you can’t post yet due to low Trust Level. Once you reach TL2, you will be granted access to post it the #features category


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TARMAC??? (a media term)…I humbly suggest googling the term, and better yet, check out the tutorial on runway markings. Every pilot’s objective should be learning, and I learn something new every day, but I still have a long way to go.
Wing flex would be cool though! Happy landings!

Yes, adding on to @Thomas_G. The feature I linked below corresponds with your request as this would offer wing flex on the ground 👍

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