Wing Flex On Ground

Yes, During flight the wings bounce around with the wind and turbulence and stuff. Yet when you land they just settle down and dont bounce arround. Heres an example of the bouncy wings.
Watch the wingtip

As he lands, the wing tip bounces a little. It’s not much but it would add to the realism.

This would actually make taxiing more realistic, that would encourage them to upgrade the ground levels! Good request imo!


Well we have wing flex on a lot of aircraft?


But when you hit the ground, they stop moving.


And when you start slowing down with intense reverse thrust they could bounce more quickly


You mean, the “bouncy wings” is a term for “wing flex”. To correct that, you must have been looking for the “wing flex” feature for the Boeing 737.

Read what the request says before jumping to conclusions.

He wants animated wings ON THE GROUND.


I think Laura already explained why there are no wing flex on the ground.

Yes. When we land they dont stop they settle. Meaning they go from where they were before you touched the ground to what the devs have set as neutral and just stay there.

Well, by “bouncy wings” you mean more “Wing Flex” on the ground. Just my opinion. We can handle this via PM if you want to discuss it further. :)

But anyways. I think this feature will look a little more realistic when on the ground. This does not only apply for the 737. Sometimes when heavy aircrafts land, such as the 777 when leaving the runway asphalt, the wings seem to bump around a little bit more from time to time. 😉

Just to let you know, the video looks unavailable to watch for some reason. Maybe I’ll try looking up for a different footage then.

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Ok. Video is good cause im watching it rn.

This is a feature Jason really wants to see. Pretty sure Laura said something on the lines that they tried but was a bit difficult. It doesn’t mean it will not be added and I would also definitely love to see this!


Voting for this one! Its been a feature I have been looking for… Also more noises in the cockpit/ interior too during taxi!


This would be a great feature as taxiing is very boring as of now. It would add way more realism and be much more fun to taxi


Having wing flex for all the aircraft included in this game is necessary. Would be awesome to see wings vibrating during taxi, takeoff and landing.


Very good request! Hope you earn many votes.

I would like this to 👍🏽

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I would love this feature in IF

I would also love the bumps and dated ground design on it, but that would take decades to add to a mobile flight sim, however XP10 does have it though. Sorry for being off topic, so ima say I’d love this feature too, but seriously

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I’m not sure how I feel about this topic. In order for every aircraft to have wingflex on the ground, every aircraft would have to have wingflex, which means new 3D models for every aircraft. Also, we would need taxiway bumps for wingflex on the ground. Without taxiway bumps, all of the airports are flat, the way they are now. This means no wingflex. You can vote for taxiway bumps here.