Wing flex of a380

How can I enable wing flex I Dont see any dancing ailerons on my a380 like wings are not moving if anyone knows please guide me I am unable to to do that.

I thought that they automatically flex while flying especially if there is wind coming across the aircraft

I don’t see anything like that neither they move automatically according to wind

I think so try to reach cruising altitude then switch to left wing camera view a see if the wing flexes if it doesn’t then I’m not sure how to do it

There’s nothing to enable :) If you turn sharp enough you should see the spoilerons move :)
Also wingflex will be especially noticeable in turbulence.


Ahh that’s what I thought also

Btw, that’s my dad and my middle name also, have a great day

Well it’s a good name :) Have a good one yourself!

I don’t see them either