Wing Flex in Replay

I do not know if anyone noticed it, but if you start and lift your nose before you lift off the ground, the wings do not move … Only when the tires do not touch the ground does it bend slowly and that looks very strange. I would be glad if you would fix this

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The tires is known. It is also what you see in live when looking at other planes.

For the wings it also depends on the wind at the time.

Hello. This was recently explained in the development livestream that Jason and Laura hosted on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no wing flex when on ground. You won’t experience any bouncing of the wings while moving with any of the tires on ground. They did say they would like to fix this in the future though. :)

I did not mean that at all … I am aware that Laura and Jason are working on these roles as well … but my topic is that when you repeat the wing flex look it does not move when pulling up like at a start without recovery … Once you have no contact with the ground, the wing moves to its standard position … that looks extremely strange

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Yeah I’ve noticed this. As Chris said, it is known so for the time being we just have to deal with it. Maybe one day it’ll be fixed, but for known it is what it is.

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