Wing Flex During Landing

After touchdown

This is a specific topic of wing flex, where I, or we, want the wing flex during the touchdown to not go down yet.

The wing flex would go down slowly when the speed decreases, like the opposite of taking off

I agree the wing flex animations on takeoff and landing are a bit junky and they do need work!

These two feature requests are probably the closest to what you are suggesting:

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The vast majority of wing flex would be expected during flight, because it is only then that the full load of the fuselage weight is being supported by the wings. So the wings are under oscillation strain to oppose the inertial resistance of the full fuselage mass.

Upon landing, spoilers, for example, “spoil the lift,” effectively removing the significant load stresses that occur during flight.

I’ve tried to review some irl videos of aircraft in the transition to flight. So far it appears the intensification of wing oscillation is only after leaving the runway, as mentioned above.

Your first video link can’t be reviewed as it has been disabled. The second one does show some oscillation in the horizontal stabilizer during taxi, but not too much, and the effect is intensified by the angle of photography.

It’s just a different load situation during flight, where the oscillations as implemented do a good job of representing when the large forces occur.

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