Wing flex bug

Hi, I just wanted to point out some strange behavior on the 737 where the wings would start to “flap” like a bird. This has also happened on the 777-200ER.

Photos of the issue:

I would assume this unexpected behavior is due to servers being under heavy load, but it is worth noting. Loving the update regardless!

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can you put some photos the link doesn’t work unless you download

Damn that looks bad

hmmm. Let me go play with this one a bit further. I would normally go with assuming that this is from the Connection issues that are shown in the top right corner. But I would like to also point out the wind at 35knts; gusting higher. I’ll get back to you and see what I can reproduce

Since it’s in Solo it could be the wind conditions

Yes I will attach images.

In the video that you posted. It was showing 35knts from 317*

Wow, that’s so weird. Must be the servers. :(

That doesn’t look right 👀