Wing Flex - All applicable aircraft

Hi guys,

The 787-8,9,10 all have wing flex. Seeing this in action is always surprisingly satisfying (for me anyway). Most modern day aircraft from the 777s to the 747s have wing flex and adding this to other aircraft would make the sim even more realistic to what it already is.

What aircraft in IF should have Wing Flex?

  1. 777-200LR - Freight
  2. 777-300er
  3. 777-200er
  4. All 747s
  5. A380
  6. A340
  7. A320
  8. A319
  9. A318
  10. All 737s
  11. B767
  12. B757


This would add heaps of realism and it would also be worth the money for some aircraft that you might want to see with wing flex.

Yes, this may take some time but maybe not as long (comparatively) to Global which was worth the wait!

What do you guys think?

  • Yes We need This!
  • NO we don’t need this!
  • It will take too long!
  • I don’t actually care!

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Please don’t include a poll in your feature request


All of these aircraft that he is mentioning do have some wingflex. They just don’t flex as much as the 787 or 747-8.


Sorry, any reason why? Please PM me

Yes it does, search it up.

@PlaneCrazy, I have never seen the 747 have wing flex in IF. Please PM me a video of this.

Every commercial aircraft has wingflex


I don’t care too much, it’s amazing to look at but most of the time I never actually see it unless I watch the wings in bad weather. I would prefer new aircraft or liveries instead.


I was replying to Joeoreilly77 about real world aircraft.

@dylonez please refer to this as proof of @RTG113’s comment. I suggest utilising the search feature in this situation 🙂

p.s I have edited the title simply for clarity, as I struggled to understand the meaning of “Huge rollout” out of context.

This would be a great addition to IF and add a lot of realism to the simulator.