Wing Condensation

Dear Community,

Wing condensation is a phenomenon that occurs when moist air is cooled to a temperature below it’s dew-point. When an aircraft wing produces lift the air pressure over the wing is reduced. As a result is the air temperature reduced as well, and clouds may form.

(This phenomenon also happens in other parts of the aircraft such as the engines and the wingtips)

In my opinion, this phenomenon is very beautiful and it would be cool to see it in Infinite Flight.
What do you guys think? Leave a Vote if you like the idea. Also feel free to correct me on the explanation of what it is thank you!

Here are some pictures of the phenomenon:

It would be great to have it, even though it could possibly cause lag.


I recently had this at gatewick airport departing on an a320 and recorded it but the file is quite large

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Hey there, just a gentle reminder that feature requests are only allowed to have one picture. Have a look below:


Wing Condensation would be very cool indeed on IF,In my opinion I think that it would lag a lot possibly crash the sim.

This feature might take many years to implement. Not because of the devs, but because rendering such effects requires the use of randomly moving particles. These take a lot of cpu and gpu power to simulate and render. We’re currently limited by the mobile technology we have, unless you’re happy with a burnt device or a frame rate of 19 fps.


It would be awesome to have but seems to need quite some work ;)

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@Manuel_Macedo… MaxSez: Good Job, Manuel, just to add a bit more tech:

During the landing phase, the angle of attack of the aircraft is higher compared to other regimes. This is the reason condensation clouds are formed during this phase of flight,

However, the clouds are also formed during any subsonic maneuver that reduced pressure over the upper surface of the wings, like high-g turns.



I would change the title and description a bit. This phenomenon is not just found on the wing.
It does also happen for example at the turbine intakes or at the tip of a prop.



Yes this would be great! Definitely voting. Except it may end up like tire smoke 😕


This feature would be great in Infinite Flight definitely voting. Just hopes this won’t lag the game though :/

Thank you I changed it!

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Thank you for educating me more on the matter I will edit the topic with what you told me tomorrow


Yes, yes and yes! This would look great in Live spotting.

Heck yes! That would put everything over the top! Literally and figuratively lol

Yeah the lag would be real. They would have to somehow make bitmaps work well with the sim

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Why is the vote limit in the IFC so low???




This would be a super cool feature for the game, but it should only appear when the right conditions are met.

Sounds like a good idea on theory, but we should wait a few until technology can properly handle it and not explode in our hands. Also, don’t forget the vortexes generated on props and jet engines from nacelles. Great idea though!