Wing Color Trade

Does anyone know if it would be difficult to implement a swap in wing colors on the 777 and A350? If they traded it would be perfect, right now it looks like a composite wing on the 777 and a metal wing on the A350:


It seems as if the two images have different time selections meaning the reflections or colors you can say look darker or lighter.

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You can check it out for yourself! It’s definitely not just the time. That might be a tiny factor but you can definitely see it regardless.

If you can take both images with the same time selection and angle it would be better to work off of two things that have the same time so the reflection isn’t a conflict in comparing the two. The pavement on both images also look very different. One is much lighter than the other so that can be it.

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I see where you’re coming from- for clarity’s sake I’ll match the times more closely 👍

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