Windyyyyyyyy day spotting @KDEN

Welcome to my first ever spotting topic. Today i went to DIA’s east garage and Mt. Elbert’s parking lot for some amazing shots (in my opinion). At 10 in the morning it was freezing, and most of my photos were blury from me shivering, but dont worry, i got some great ones that im gonna share with you today! Enjoy!

Delta A321

N364DX is a Delta airlines A321. Operating out of Minniapolis to and from Denver. Behind the 321 is a Frontier A320NEO!

Steve the egale!

N709FR Is also an Airbus A321. Whats unique about N709FR is that Steve the egale is painted on its tail. This flight originated from Orlando, and later made the return flight back.

“Santa’s Sleigh”

This was one of my favirte shots today. N620FE taxing to the runway, this aircraft probably holding all your packages, later made its way to Memphis!

Hawaii plane!

N14115 makes regular service from Denver Colorado to Kalua Kona Hawaii. This one was arriving in from the East before continuing on to Hawaii.

Blue Plane!

N909WN is a Southwest airlines operrating B737. This one was arriving into Denver from Burbank!

Dubble shot!

N8560Z is also a Southwest operating B738. Although this one was arriving into Denver from Spokane. Did you see the other plane turning in the background?

My flying whale!

My highlight of the evening was this B777 that was arriving from Chicago. I didnt get the regestration, but this aircraft later departed to Honolulu Hawaii!

The ultimate pencil!

I was really looking foward to spotting this B757-300, and when i realised that it was on finial, but we were driving, i made my dad stop the car so i could get a picture of this! This flight orriginated from LAX before continuing on to Chicago i believe!

A bird on a plane?

N359FR Is an A320 NEO operrating for Frontier Airlines. After flying into Denver from Tampa, these birds needed a days rest before getting back into the sky with passengers!


N712FR, is a rare site, Frontier doesnt have many A321’s, but when you get to see one with a Jaguar on the tail, you know you have to take a picture of it!!! This flight later departed to Baltimore!

Now, im no Andrew Wu, but please let me know if you liked these, im hoping to head back next week when its warmer. I will see yall in the Infinite Flight Skies!!



Nice shots!


I was made aware of a Kona mention so I’m here now


If you stayed longer you could’ve seen a 747 that runs daily from the DEC 15th-24th for the Christmas rush

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It was way too cold. If I stayed longer I could have gotten to the the Jet Blue A321 NEO, and a delta B767.

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Nice photos.

Yeah, im located near castle rock, and danggggg, its so windy and cold. I have to get all dresed up to go outside for just 10 minutes or else im a popsicle!

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It was very cold today. It should come again tomorrow and I’ll be out there tomorrow


Great photos! It was windy indeed today down here near Centennial as well. Even got a few flurries as well.


Santa actually prefers a UPS 747, sorry.

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Santa actually prefers a sleigh but ok


Nice shots! I spotted in similar cold conditions a week and a half ago but didn’t have as much winds. It was windy up in my part of the metro today as well.

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Sweet! When I was at the east garage, it was so windy that it blew my hat off and I had to run and catch it. After I got it back. I say behind these pillars and was checking FR24 and when a plane was coming close, I hopped up and quickly took shots of the plane, then went back to hiding.

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