Windy Wellingtion (50 knot winds)

Wellingtion airport NZWN, New Zealand is infamous for its extremely windy conditions landings recently encountering winds gusting to 50 knots. What makes this especially interesting/dangerous is that wellingtion airports runway is only 5,955 ft feet long (not including additional displaced thresholds not used). This limits range of flights on big aircraft as most flights are trans-tasmen A320/737-800 prop aircraft with the exception Singapore Airways 777-200ER which has a stop over in Canberra to allow safe takeoff weight.

Here is a video of a landing today of a successful landing of a Air New Zealand A320

Ive been on the short Auckland - Wellington route many times and ive experienced many bumpy landings even a diversion to Christchurch NZCH and think this would be a great airport to use for global challenging conditions and beautiful scenery.

What is the most windy landing you have been in and do you think this would be a good airport for global?


On a 6K runway? Are you sure?


Wellington sounds fun to land, if only it was like Queenstown with the chance of been blasted into a mountain.

Windiest was landing at YSCB. Hit a gust of wind around 10 feet above the ground, was thrown up and then dropped to the ground. It wouldn’t been around -500ft. Enough to make the girls in my year level scream thinking their life was over.

I don’t wanna see Wellington TS1 when global is out. If anyone was at YSSY a few days ago and saw the 40 knot winds, they would know that TS1 pilots can’t land in wind.

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Not dierct to Singapore flight has fuel stop in Canberra. Total length of runway with displaced thresholds is 6827 feet but that additional length is not used in normal service.


Yeah, remember they used to land 744s there


I’ve lived and worked in Auckland for 8 years and did many trips to New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. I recall a few crazy windy days, where I remember looking out the cabin window on short final, and actually being able to see the runway at was ahead of us. This was so weird!
Somehow the landings were always as smooth as anything…

I’ve never worked out why they positioned the runway in such a way they always have a crosswind.

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Yes every second day seem it my self[quote=“Insertusernamehere, post:2, topic:137488, full:true”]

On a 6K runway? Are you sure?

I think it was 747sp

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That’s pretty cool.

p.s your quote failed - make sure it is on a new line like this


Credit to channels
777-200ER fly there :)


Nice videos I’ve seen it it’s truly a amazing sight

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Oh ok it was my first reply I ever did


That’s such a slow landing in the 2nd vid

Does the 777 use full reverse thrust?

They could use the speed brakes to help :)

Exceeds 100% N1 so I doubt it

First few are wellington.


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