Windy Takeoffs

Hello everyone, thanks for taking your time to read this question.

Anyways, whenever I takeoffs with a slight crosswind, even if it is only 3 Knots, my plane always goes off to the left or right whenever I take off. Is there any way to counter this effect, if not, how do you deal with it?

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Use the rudder at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Slide it in the opposite direction of the way your nose turns.


I do that, but that only changes the angle of the nose for me, not the direction the plane is actually going. Something weird I also noticed is that the plane turns into the wind, not away like it probably should.

Omg that all ways happens to me and it’s sooo annoying…

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It turns into the wind because the tailplane catches the wind and pushes the back of the airplane away, therefore turning the nose into it. Let’s say you are taking off and there is a direct 10 knot crosswind from the left. As you accelerate the plane will become more responsive to wind. At a certain point your nose will start to turn into the wind. As soon as that happens you would apply right rudder, turning the nose back to the right. Apply just enough to keep you tracking down the centerline, and hold it even after you have lifted off for a few hundred feet, then release it slowly, clean up the aircraft, and away you go!


Oh I see now! Thanks so much for the help. :)

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Anytime. If you still have issues I’d be happy to help :)


Maintain the rudder movement to change the direction of your of drifting aircraft, lift off roughly center and release your rudder according to direction and time.

(Rudder is best used with all front and back wheels firmly on the ground, try not to attempt with a raised nose)


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Adding to what nick said. It makes a difference taking off with a reduced throttle, it lessens the effect of left and right forces. This combined with the rudder should help you :)

Thanks for the help everyone! :)

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