Windy sydney how well can you land?

I amare controlling sydney and as I am ground and considering the windy conditions I’d like to hold a flash landing competition.
I’d suggest coming in from Canberra
Winds are
30knts gusting to 41knts coming from bearing 200⁰ south west
Please put your IFC Username in your display name

@infiniteflight_17 and I are 374 miles out coming from Townsville, see you in a bit mate.

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Just open tower and ground unless someone else wants to judge I probably won’t be able too

Just landed! Crazy stuff, was going like 60-70 kts in touch down from Canberra. I was Link 543

Its really crazy here in Sydney I’m looking outside and trees are looking like they might fall over

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PRO TIP. landing in a crosswind, Use rudder to straighten out the nose right before you hit the ground


Almost the Wind limit for the 737

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