Windy Landings Question

When you’re on approach with, oh say, a 16-25KT headwind. Is it better to use less flaps and a higher speed?


Hey Steve! In high winds it can be easier to increase the speed and lessen the flaps, yes.


Thanks @Freddiefrogs!


I heard a different point of view. Where did you learn this from?

Well, I just tried it with the CCX landing at Miami. Came in a 150kts (a normal approach for me is around 125-130). I did use flaps full however. It was a much more stable landing!

This doesnt directly give you the answer but will help:

It’s true. The slower you are flying the more you will float in the wind, less flaps also reduced drag which should help.

And of course, slide the rudder on until touching down.

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