Windy Landing in SFO

Winds where howling in San Fran earlier this week, with gusts reaching 45 knots. This video includes myself landing in such conditions, enjoy!


It’s been raining a lot here in the Bay Area over the past few days. Yesterday was the first day to have no rain

Wouldn’t expect the weather to bad over in San Francisco

A lot of diversions occurred from inbounds into KSFO. Some diverted to KSJC, others diverted to Oakland.

Down here in the South Bay and South Silicon Valley, the wind was so strong and cold

On the other hand, TRIGGERED
how could you go to KSFO and ignore KSJC :(

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I see myself in the video ;)

AIVA001 heavy…nd winds were really harsh 🤧

The weather I. The Bay Area has been terrible, the rain we got on Wednesday was horrendous. We couldn’t see while we were driving, so I can’t expect pilots to be comfortable landing at such a difficult airport.

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I was just doing patterns at KSJC with 15 knot crosswinds. Lots of rudder!

And that’s why a lot of flights were diverting to San Jose where the weather would be at least easier to land at

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