Windy golden hour


Currently on a short holiday trip with my family to Vienna. As an aviation geek I of course had to go to the airport.

I was probably at the best time at the airport. The sun was almost setting and it was kinda windy.


  1. Airport shot

2. The E195 turning into the gate after a flight from Nice.

3. A few minutes later, there’a a LOT E170 coming in from Warsaw.

4. Probably the first time ever, that I saw the baby bus.

5. That Austrian E195 making it’s way to Innsbruck.

6. Another airport shot.

7. V1, rotate

8. Positive rate, gear up

9. and another airport shot…

All pictures were taken with an iPhone 12

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Have a nice day!

Bonus shot

So when I was leaving the visitor deck, there was an aisle full with airplane models. Well I found a kinda special livery 💀


Ohio… Best state in the US


Couldn’t agree more

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I accidentally rated your pics a 2 because I thought it was a choose your favorite poll 💀.



Your photos look so lovely and peaceful. Maybe a bit cold if it was really windy, but nice still nonetheless.

Also @I_Ride_Southwest you should be able to press ‘Show vote’ to change your answer to the poll


With the wind it was indeed kinda cold 🥶

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Same airport, same phone. This airport is special, since, it is very common seeing Ryanair at a jetbridge. happened to me once.

treasure hunt 7


I did the same lmao
I would give them an 8 overall tho


This worked for me if you want to change it


Oh yeah that works, thanks :)

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