Windy Frights at Tromsø

Hello Infinite Flight Commity! Earlier today, I hosted my 70° North Flyout at Tromsø airport. Unbeknownst to me, the Northern areas of Norway were extremely windy, with over 50kts of crosswind gusts! We decided to continue with the event despite the winds, but several of us had to abort takeoff along the way. Anyways, here are my photos of the madness that unfolded earlier.

Flight Info

Airport: Tromsø
Aircraft: various
Photo editor: Lightroom

A Transavia 737 taking off with the extreme gusts

A SAS 737 taking off while almost veering off the runway

Rotation of a SAS 737 with the rest of us in the background

Me in the Q400 barely keeping the aircraft under control

@United403 aborting takeoff

This was definitely one of the craziest events I’ve hosted yet, but it was a fun one to spectate 😜. Thanks again to everyone who joined, and have a great rest of your day!

Which one is your favorite

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Lol you didn’t show mine because it was the only one that was actually survivable

Then you have me you dies with one knot of wind

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Alright, here’s your photo.


Yea that was still not very survivable


Seems to me that this is the only slightly normal looking one. Still, looks like a five year-old trying IF at a normal airport.


Wow… I wish I could’ve done this one haha but due to timings I had to pull out only a few hours from the event starting… looked like great fun!

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No wonder there is a line going across the last o in Tromso meaning that it will kill all the passengers landing🤣

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Wish I could’ve been there looks like you guys had a fun event lmao 🤣

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Showed mine #1
Takeoff number 2

@United403 aborting takeoff

A320 got that light skin stare


It was really something, that’s for sure.

Looks fun! The last arrivals into Tromso that day was canceled or diverted because of the wind IRL

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