Windy Flight Stories

Hello IFC, based on the topic rising with stories about windy flights

I think it would be a good idea to share your stories of windy flights!

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I don’t believe I have to say much


Wow that’s scary. But I know your a awesome pilot


I think my strongest crosswind landing that was successful was on solo, and i had the winds at like 45 kts, gusting to 50😂 it was a rough landing but successful

I was just about to create a topic like this. You beat me to it.

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Well, I will always hit the ground at some point ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Once I spawned in a C172 during a hurricane in casual. I turned towards the winds, full flaps and full power, and i seemed to be floating in mid air

I’m honored you based this off of my post & its replies lol

No problem! Hopefully you enjoyed your flight.

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How’d you not blow away instantly after spawning?

This one was quite recent. So I checked the app windy off course before taking off on my first leg of the trip to Oshkosh from south Texas. So there was about 30 knot winds in the air at cruise which was fine for the XCub, it was a tailwind so all it would do is get me there faster. Note the winds were fine at the destination. Well it turns out when I got to cruise the winds got to 40 knots. My XCub could not take it so I turned left to try to get out of this line of Thunderstorms. Fortunately a thunderstorm appeared while I was taking off and a whole line kind of formed. Because I was near my home IRL and had my tv on watching the office I got an severe thunderstorm alert then 5 minutes later a tornado watch. So I’m about 20 miles north of my house in the XCub while this is happening and the winds are getting so bad I decide to turn back home. Bad decision. I don’t know what happen but something did not cross my mind that the thunderstorms were at my home airport which took off. I just simply can’t explain it. As I’m heading in the winds get worse and I decide to divert. But the first leg of my flight was extremely short and I noticed I did not have enough fuel to turn away now. So I announce
Short final and blasted in the paved runway at 60 knots. Slamming the breaks I casually started to ground loop because of the winds and my nose started to tip over and slammed into the pavement…

Landed with a 15 knots crosswind with gusts up to 25 knots in the CRJ2. Touchdown gracefully then front wheel touches down and the aircraft swerves left. Fun times.

No bueno on landing he CRJ.

130+kt head/tailwind is a usual thing when you do trans-Tasman flights.

Here is a tip which greatly improves landings. When you are 500 feet of the ground approach at -700 fpm then when at 200 feet off the ground slightly raise the nose to be descending at -600 fpm and reduce throttle by 5 percent. Flare at between 10-25 feet depending on the model. Somehow this makes it so I land with less than a -250 fpm 90 percent of the time.

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Yeah I’ve had a different experience with the CRJ then most planes. One time I took off from dfw in an American eagle crj and I had autopilot on on takeoff and I did not notice till the end of the runway when the plane went off the runway and hit a plane holding short to cross. Also took up the whole runway at Charlotte Douglas to land in a crj once

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Well the CRJ aircraft tend to float if you are too fast while flaring too early. I tend to float 1 foot above the runway for a second 50 percent of the time then I cut throttle to bring it down. You can’t flare them like a normal jet. You essentially have to do a long gradual flare at 30 feet then a rapid flare at the last 5 feet with the CRJ9. But the gradual flare is at a lower altitude with the smaller CRJ aircraft. Taking off they are susceptible to crosswinds. You must have your hands on the rudder always.

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Currently flying my normal KLAX-KORD route in IF, with the most chop I’ve experienced in game so far. 20-30 crosswind, giving delta 100ft. It’s going to be a longer flight (-50kts what I’d like to fly).

I remember I once had to make an emergency landing at a small snow airport because I had to go to the movies😂(lost track of time) and I had a 20kt crosswind and for some really odd reason I solved it by just turning off the engines

Here are so called turbulence, recorded above Alps, known for their wind activities. With the addition of Shaky Cam adds so much to the experience ✌️

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