Windy EDDM Spotting

Hi everybody,
Yesterday, 1st April, I was at EDDM to Spott some planes at a very windy day. My stand was at Rwy 26 L.

First of all wie have an
A380-800 (D-AIMM) of Lufthansa which is taking off to Dehli.
Callsign: DLH762
Airplane: Airbus A380-841
Flight time: 07h 04min
I think it´s the First A380 Flight from Munich to Delhi Since 2020.

The next plane is an
A320neo (9K-AKL) form Kuwait City of Kuwait Airways.
Callsign: KAC173
Airplane: Airbus A320-251N
Flight time: 05h 12min
I don‘t know what Happend with the Nose but maybe you can Tell me.

Next up an Other A320neo but this time of TAP (CS-TVI) from Lisbon.
Callsign: TAP552N
Airplane: Airbus A320-251N
Flight time: 02h 34min

An other A320, but No neo.
The new Condor Livery; (do you Like it? Let me know it.) Heading to Hurghada.
Callsign: CGF024
Airplane: Airbus A320-212
Flight time: 3h 52min

Now again an A320neo, of
Sky Express (SX-GRE), flying to Athen.
Callsign: SEH7EL
Airplane: Airbus A320-251N
Flight time: 02h 07min

Now the King of the Sky the Airbus A380 of Emirates (A6-EDU) from Dubai.
Callsign: UAE9CL
Airplane: Airbus A380-861
Flight time: 5h 58min
As you See the plane was Cought by a windsheere seconds before touching down on the Runway.

Here you can See an Airbus A321 of Turkish Airlines (TC-JSV) ging around After floating over the Runway After a Heavy crosswind.
Callsign: THY3LC
Airplane: Airbus A321-231
Flight time: 2h 30min

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Nice photos!


Nice shots! That unpainted Kuwait nose is pretty special.


Nice pics!!!


Nice shots! Not sure if you knot but just want to let you know you have two dust spots towards the top of all photos. Happy spotting!


Yeah I know
Next time I’ll do it better


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