Windy Day at LBA

Today was my first time purposefully plane spotting. (I’ve taken some on my way through the airport but today we went specifically to see aircraft.) The wind was extremely harsh, especially on the Plane Tree Hill which is the most elavated place in the airports surrounding area. To add to that, it was wet, muddy and cold. The fierce wind meant that no aircraft was allowed to take off or land. The three arrivals I had planned to see (FR1504, EZY7346, FR2483) were diverted to LPL/MAN. It was a shame because I was hoping to see some pretty sweet crosswind landings. The only shots I got were the terminal and a B757-200 and B737-300 both operated by Jet2 Holidays at the maintenance area.

Aircraft seen:

  • Jet2 Holidays
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 737-300 (x2)
  • Jet2
  • Beoing 737-300 (x2)
  • Ryanair
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Eastern Airways
  • British Aerospace Jetstream 41
  • Generic
  • Saab 340

Other corporate aircraft were there but I could not see/ identify them.


Disappointed you missed them. The best runway is 14 for viewing.


Ouch! Feel for you on that.


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The cemetery near the north end of the airfield is good for viewing as well.


@ATK, @CaptainD, runway 32 was in use so I couldn’t go there.

That’s what I mean, you’re best days to see (and feel) the aircraft I when its a northerly wind and they come into 14. LBA has the most normal planes but there’s no other airport gets you that close to the action. Apparently you can turn right by the crash gate from plane hill, only advised in summer I think or when its dry,by the fence and walk in-between the golf course and airport fence takes you very near to the touch zone for 32. 14 is still better though.