Windy Day at DEN | @KDEN | 11/20/20

Hello everyone,
I’m back with another topic. On Friday Me and two of my friends who I haven’t seen in a long time thanks to covid went to DEN and do some spotting. This was my first time back at DEN since September. It felt nice to be back. It was quite windy out and the wind made it colder than it needed to be. With the winds blowing out of the SE that meant north arrivals all day. As much as I would’ve liked to get departures today it wasn’t possible with the runways they were using today. So we have all landing shots instead but these are some of my best landing shots I’ve taken in a while. Hope y’all enjoy.

About a couple of weeks ago we got our MUC flight back on LH but due to rising cases and more lockdowns we are losing our MUC route on Sunday for a long time. So here is Lufthansa A350 second to last landing at DEN for a long time.

Next up is a United Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner arriving from FRA. This was a fun one to edit as the sun was just about to go in between the clouds so the lighting was a bit wacky

Next up is a American 737-800 arriving from Chicago O’Hare. This is probably one of my favorite shots from today.

Here is a Southwest 737-700 arriving from Cleveland.

Next up is a Southwest 737-800 rocking the Canyon Blue livery.Which is my favorite livery on the 737-800’s for southwest and I’m sure @Luke_Sta can agree with me

Next up is a Frontier A321 named Steve the Eagle arriving on 16R at DEN from Phoenix.

Next we have a JetBlue A320 arriving from JFK on runway 16L. Again the lighting was wack from the clouds with this one so it was a fun one too edit.

Finally, here’s a Delta A319 on short final from Salt Lake City. This was another fun one to edit with the sun just going behind a thin cloud to make the lighting wack. But I think it turned out good considering the conditions.

Photography Info
Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop



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No tilt 0/10


I love all of the picks

Agreed, but 1/10 for the Lufty 350

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Here’s some tilt


Now we’re talking



Thank you!

I’ll be trying to catch the last one tomorrow as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Which I spotted in September

Which I spotted in February

Nice shots Tyler! It’s always a treat to see your topics.

Thank you Luke!

I didn’t know Lufthansa had started back up service to Denver.

Yeah they started a few weeks ago. But they are pulling MUC again. This Sunday is the last MUC flight for a while again. But luckily they are starting up FRA with an A330 in December.

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Ooooh I know they operate a343 once and a while.

Terrain, Terrain, PULL UP

Awesome shots!

Thank you!!!

Tyler told me to comment so… wow nice pics?

kidding love the photos!!!

I have no knowledge of this 🙃

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