Windy Danmark to Southern Deutschland

Yesterday, did an amazing flight from EKCH (Copenhagen-Kastrup airport) to EDDM (Munich-Franz Josef Strauß airport). There were 2 airports to flyout from which was EKCH and ESGG (Gothenburg-Lanvetter airport) and I chose to flyout from EKCH because recently I had a holiday in Denmark and it was cool. Unfortunately, since I had some lessons I came late to the event, and had to spend around 20 minutes preparing for the flight, so I was basically the last person to flyout from EKCH. At Denmark and northern Germany there were quite turbulent winds.

Aircraft and Route info

Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: A320
Callsign: Lufthansa 2663 (Was meant to be 2443 based on real callsign but somehow thought it was 2663)
Server: Expert

A Widerøe Dash 8-Q400 is taking-off from Kastrup’s runway 22R, whilst an SAS A320 is next in line, then another Widerøe Dash 8-Q400 and a generic A330 taxiing to the same runway. Meanwhile I’m still preparing, on the left side but blurred out

Left side Cockpit window shot of the SAS A320 taking-off with its gears retracting

Departed, and what a starry night it is!

Flying toward the moon! (and I love moonshots ok)

Now skipping forward to the approach, now intercepting the ILS for runway 26R at Munich, Southern Germany. In the background you can also see the Alps!

Now flaring for landing, with the view of the whole runway. Was some slight crosswind when on the approach.


That moonshot is really good - also the angle on that last photo is pretty unique!

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Awesome shots!

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Thanks for both comments

yes moonshot yes

Thank very much!!!

I think you were the Widerøe taking off at the beginning

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Very nice :D.

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Thanks yes!!

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