as far as i know IF have real time weather/winds, i have read a topic about checking wind conditions and jet streams, among the recommends was!

this site allows you to monitor wind conditions up to FL450 including the winds direction, so i wonder if i can use this site as a reference to make my flight plan?

i am planning a flight from London to Dubai,.

You can definitely use it! The winds you see on should correlate to winds in IF. IF uses what’s known as winds aloft, which can be found at the following link.

Note: the above link doesn’t have worldwide coverage, while does.


nice. thanks ^_^

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Happy to help! :)

I a really made a tutorial exactly one year ago detailing how to use windy to plan flights

FYI, I personally don’t recommend using this method as it’s not exactly realistic, but you do you.

1 Like is good for getting a general idea as to what the winds are doing aloft. But please do check out #tutorials for other flight planning tips as DiamondGaming suggested. Thanks!