Windy City Live

Welcome back to yet another spotting topic from yours not so truly. Today, Chicago had some crazy winds, and me being me, I was pit plane spotting. These images go back to August 30th, but only 3 of em. You’ll probably figure out the ones that were taken then :)

First up is N280NN, an American ERJ-175 going to god knows where

Next up is N141AN, an American A321 with a lot going on in the background

Taken on some other day, we have D-ABYP, a Lufty 747-8i departing to Frankfurt

Hello darkness, my old friend. The dark clouds came in today with the wind, causing for some low contrast pictures. I still tried though, and here’s N905NN, American’s astrometric livery coming in from Charlotte

Next up is a Western Global 747-400f, N344KD, coming in from Anchorage

G-ZBKP showed itself at Chicago again today

Along with a new livery United A319, which is departing to insert arrival airport because I forgot

Next is N862DA, a Delta 777-200ER returning empty to Atlanta after doing a few cargo runs between Chicago and Atlanta

Then is EC-LUK, an Iberia A330-300 which came in from Madrid sometime long ago

And to close things off with a beacon shot, it’s N15969, a United 787-9 which was departing to Shanghai. FlightRadar24 was confused itself where it’s going, being torn between San Fran and Shanghai, so I have no clue where it ended up

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures. If there’s a way you think I can improve em, feel free to let me know!



Love the pictures, keep up the great work!


I always take a FR24 screenshot after taking a picture so I remember the flight details. Great photos though!


The second picture is beautiful

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The KORD gang has arrived, stunning pics. Especially the Lufty 748!

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Someday do some Spotting at Midway ;)

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Not much that interesting to spot there to be honest

I love the BA, well done!

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I missed my favorite AA livery. 😔

Oh well, at least I cal look at amazing photos of it, and other planes, here! Well done making those cloudy photos look great!

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Lol. I just realized I said astrometric instead of just Astro. That’s what happens when I make the thread at like 11:30pm

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Really nice pictures! Great to see an Iberia A330 in action, but my favourite must be the LH B747. Thanks for sharing!

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These shots are awesome 🤩🙌


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