Windy at San Clemente!

31 knot crosswinds!! I’m just descending into San Clemente and out of no where my aircraft turn to left when I have my heading set and it got really turbulent, then in the ATC everyone was going around. Unfortunately I was flying my 737, perfect opportunity to use APPR, and I was debating whether or not to use the a319!


Isn’t the crosswind limitation for the appr 25 knots?

The crosswind limitation is 15 knots crosswind if I remember correctly.

Also had a battle with the wind in my A320, didn’t use APPR (as always). It was 17kts, but picked up on final to around 30kts. Kept my heading on autopilot and the rudder came in handy on the runway. Also heard a lot of calls for going around.

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hello that’s correct its a battle with the wind turb please adjust to a lower I tried landing with my A320 and when I landed my aircraft was back wards lol not good…

I yesterday also got 31 knots…

It’s windy again! 31knots, very hard for a A380 to land there.

People misunderstand APPR. The APPR is not for use in high wind-speeds. That’s the time you DO land manually. It’s not made to fight fast winds.


there is some much wind at san clemente that some times i wound up at lax on a landing lol really

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Winds are too much for my A321! And the highlight is!! I got told to do a 360 in 30knots of wind. Not the best time for a go-around xD