Windy approach into EGLL


In the good old B757. Came in from Amsterdam, came in high North into London; then a long left turn so I could enter via right downwind into 27R. Blew at least one tyre on touch down; but IF is forgiving and I made it to the gate.


Use your trim will help soften the landing plus you where quite heavy still


Well spotted Mark! 😊


I landed at Charles DeGualle about three hours ago and the wind was ~25kts gusting to 50. It was pretty scary trying to handle that manually, but I did manage!


Sure is windy in London today. Was walking along the banks of the Thames a couple hours ago and was absolutely getting battered! Definitely making for some interesting scenes at airports, I’m sure :)


Yeah just arrived into London from Johannesburg in the 789 and the winds were pushing be around a bit. Some nice rudder action upon landing.


Loving the wind πŸ˜‰


Haha yeah was a fun one. Was behind you on final. You probably had it worse than I did with a Q400 going through that.


Loved the Challenge, on return leg… Think I nailed the landing looking forward to seeing the XP πŸ˜‰


We had trees on cars, and cars on trees here in Holland.
Serious storm here today.


I did a flight from jfk to Toronto earlier and I landed in 31 knot wind in my little american eagle crj900. It was rough. I also took off from jfk in a British airways a318 In route to ireland and it was also pretty windy.