Im new to infiniteflight pro
why is there 117 knot winds at 28000 feet in london?
is this normal?
its like this everywhere, 87 knots yesterday at hong kong
it says theres supposed to be 30 knot winds, not 117 knots

anyways while typing this its now changed to 127 knots

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It’s a real life system - the winds in real life are the winds of the area in IF.
Obviously London - in the grip of Storm Dennis would have higher winds than other places.


High altitude winds can highly differ from low altitude winds. Fast moving weather systems can see high winds, but at FL280 or higher altitudes this isn’t necessarily not normal.

Just as a real life example: If you lok. up you often see clouds moving really fast while you don’t have any severe winds on the ground. The reason among other things for this is the existence of high altitude winds.

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On the ground, yes. Not at FL280.

This is at FL300.


ok thanks.

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Haha, i am sitting at heathrow, my flight is delayed and this post tells me why xD at least the flight to AMS will be a bit faster with the wind

Infinite Flight tries to be real with the weather in the winds aloft period yes the winds are a bit crazy sometimes in the atmosphere I had 175 kt winds at FL320…my plane was rockin 😂😂😂…no meal service 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂…sorry…safety first

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