Windsock Icons!

Windsock icons around airports.

I have seen a couple of topics on windsocks but I thought I would chuck this out there for you guys to consider.

It is basically a simple white and orange icon that is on the map and rotates in whichever direction the wind is blowing around the airport. It would also give the information of how many knots the wind is traveling and will give you the heading of the wind itself.

An example would be…

P.s ignore the stuff that has been marked out
I believe this feature should be considered for every major airport on IF to give pilots accurate data on the weather around the airfield at any one time.

I am hoping the developers would add some sort of icon similar to this to make IF more realistic as many airports across the world do have windsock icons on airport mapping screens.

This image is from a youtube creator Who I have been watching for a number of years now and I got this idea from his latest video

His channel: Stefan Drury

A lot of airports will have to redo, adding to their files these windsocks

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Well, maybe not every airport but a few here and there u know what I mean haha.

Good request but I really don’t this this would be prioritised over other requests


I know that picture from somewhere…


i know i got the idea off him haha

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@KaiM Why are they saying ATC Control Tower? It should be ATC Tower. ATC stands for, Air Traffic Control. Then you just put the Tower on the back of it.


i know why did he say it again

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