Windshear command

Windshear is something nobody likes. Which is why I feel like it should be added to the game.

For example, you are on approach to an airport that has some strong winds, you are 3 miles out, and boom, you hit Windshear, so you go around, but you can’t announce as to why you went around.

My thought process is, this command wouldn’t be on the ATC tab every time, but when an airport is having winds of 10 KTS gusting 15+. This means that it won’t be abused as much, but this would also create a level realism.

For those who do not know what Windshear is, take a look down below.
P-8740-40.indd (

^^ From the FAA directly (Federal Aviation Administration)

A request for Realistic Windshear

I like the idea. It would mean for more realistic go arounds.


Indeed, when a pilot reports go around. because of windshear, they would report how far out, and it would be included when clearing someone to land.

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You have my vote.

Thank you! I hope to see this in the game soon!

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But we don’t have windshear, then why its command will be required ?

If our weather model ever gets there then sure, but I think that’s the much larger task than a simple command.

Also, as for restricting it to 10G15kts+ that’s not so accurate, because you can have a wind-shear layer a few hundred or thousand feet up where wind speed or direction changes rapidly with altitude. Alternatively many storms create very localized wind shear in the form of updrafts, down drafts, and generally gusty winds associated with a storm cell. I guess what I’m trying to say is that high winds and wind-shear are not necessarily tied. Of course the weather model would have to get the ability to simulate all that stuff which speaks to my first point. It’s not a bad idea, don’t mistake me for saying that, but it’s not something we need without many other bigger advances in the sim.

This sentence is funny. Haha

Edit: Oooooh the command, I thought you wanted windshear added. Ignore me.