Windsaloft irregularities

Hi after alredy several flight i always found the same issue after an bigger amount of flight time.

So i now have 76hrs i had an new check if something has change but no i have winds of 20knts from 336° an friend 16nm behind me on same route has 26knt from 265°. The friend spawnd in freshly so got an new connection. I think that Windsaloft isn’t sending correct updates to an user after flying for an long time without getting new Connection to the server or so.

Also i had those 20knt from 336° alredy all the way from FAOR to BIKF after decending for landing it changed the direction and strength to those from the METAR. after take off it changed back to the 20knt from 336°

Update 2021-09-19T08:00:00Z:

I still have 20knts wind after 9hrs of flight but the direction changed now its comming from 326°

Update 2021-09-19T09:19:00Z:

After decending to SPJC and taking off again i again have 20knts this time from 323°

Update 2021-09-19T13:45:00Z

Still 20knts just the direction slightly changed

There definitely is some bug.

Everything was the same as alredy mentions till IF crashed after 100hrs flight time

Yeah, I had the same thing in an event 2 days ago. It’s probably just some weird server connection bug. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Yeah i hope that too

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