Winds reported different between HUD & cockpit instruments

I am flying CDG-NCE on A320, and in one moment saw difference in wind, show on Hud and in the cabin, it is strange, right?)

What do you mean it is strange?

In hud wind 75, in display wind 74

Well 1kts isn’t a big difference so its alright

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If it was a 10 kt difference I might start to wonder…but 74 or 75? I’ll be happy to believe one of them is right!

Hmmm… this is an interesting discrepancy. It seems that information in IF is not being treated as a mere copy-paste procedure (i.e. what goes on in system A = what will also be displayed in system B, that would be a copy paste).

However I’d like to think positively that is is a cool real-life-like independent readings (world readings on the ground will not 100% match the readings inside the flying aircraft’s pitot tubes), but for the sake of cool behind-the-scenes fact could any devs from IF team satisfy our query regarding this minor 74 - 75 kts occurrence, please? :)

Looks like a rounding different. Devs should probably clarify or look into this.

Next time you have a hard landing, you can use this as an excuse — There was more wind than your instruments reported!