Winds over Wyoming, Washington, and Idaho

Is the winds usually like this up in the NW USA? It’s my 2nd time being up in the corner and it’s been 54-56. kts here since yesterday while flying here.

I’m over Wyoming and there is 55kts wind facing up. (idk what it’s called)



The winds that are used in Infinite Flight are the current winds in real life

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I know. But are the winds usually like that up in the corners?

It’s probably because of the Jet stream your flying into

You found me?


I’m looking at and over Wyoming and the wind is pushing you, that’s called a tailwind. And that’s good! It’s brings your speed up!

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I was able to find you and the winds. It seems you’ll be having these tailwind for some time across your flight. Winds are shown recorded at FL340.

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The winds are always in the 60+ knots in the northwest. Especially Canada due to the Northern Pacific winds

Also, keep in mind, the winds over the US will only get stronger as we move into the winter. During this time the jet streams will also get wider sometimes covering a good majority of the lower 48.

In actualy fact, mid 50s kts isn’t insanely srong. I’ve seen 120kts before at cruise alts.

I live in the middle of Wyoming. It’s always windy.

Northern ID is hardly ever NOT windy it seems like.

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