Winds over KPHL

I’m not entirely sure where to put this, I apologize, but I’m on a ~8 mile final into KPHL and my winds are showing a 128 knot direct headwind. I’m traveling 8 KIAS at the moment.

iPad 9.7 2018
iPadOS 14.4
Infinite Flight Version 20.03.04

Based on a previous topic, there seems to be a slight issue with the weather server.

If a staff member (or someone with more knowledge) can weigh in on this, it would be appreciated.

Edit: Found another one. Winds Aloft Wind Glitches

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Whatever the current issue, it’s sure fun controlling approach with aircraft flying the same IAS, direction and altitude with a 25kt + difference in ground speed. Has me signing off for the night.

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The last reported issue on the server was 2hrs ago, so this should not be affecting anything at this point.
Are you down on the ground yet or?

No, after about 15 minutes, i decided it wasn’t quite worth it but thanks all for the explanations!