Winds on airports

Hello everyone I was just wondering so when you click on a airport on the map it shows you’re heading, winds and visibility. I was just wondering the winds say its 7 kts wind and the runway shows that there is no crosswind meaning its not orange is 7 kts just a normal wind or does the winds usually mean a cross wind.

Not all winds are crosswinds and runways don’t change colour based on wind speeds but direction. If it’s a headwind, the runway is green, a crosswind (to the side) is orange, a tailwind is red.

If there was a crosswind, it would depend on the direction of the wind, not necessarily the speed. Keep in mind that runway colors do not dictate which runways you should be using.

Thank you so much appreciate it because I was practicing pattern work and saw the wind was only 5 kts and the runway was orange and wondered why I was landing side ways because 5 kts didn’t seem like much wind😁

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Thank you so much I really appreciate it so much tho will keep that In mind when landing and taking off.

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