Winds not updating according to metar on arrival

So I have noticed this issue, where if you are on approach at an airport, the metar conditions of the airport don’t come in to effect at all, sometimes. Is this known issue or am I missing thing?

Example - The winds are different then what is mentioned at the airport. Look at my headwind vs metar information.

What were your winds like on ground? Were they showing the same?

Winds can change quickly between a couple hundred feet, just the other day at my home airport PHL, winds were 15 or so knots, but at only 300 feet they were 150+

Yes. That would make sense but in this case, the headwinds didnt change at any point of the descent till ground. Did they change for you as got lower?

I didnt check once I was on the ground. I wish I had.

It also is different in IF becuz winds can’t change as fast as they do IRL, just a couple minutes ago I had a 35 knot tailwind at 300ft and a touch down I had a 7 knot headwind

Was it after touch down or just before? I am wondering if it changes once you hit the ground and it registers the airport or something. I know this usually isn’t the case but sometimes I have noticed this issue and I am just trying to figure out how it works.

To answer your question, once you reach a certain altitude and proximity to the airport, it will update to the METAR

Earlier landing at MSY, the winds were down and I had to face a brutal 74 kt headwind on final. Winds were updated by the time I was around 3nm from the airfield

I’m not totally sure how IF Registere it

Yes. Thats how I have seen it work but in some instances like this one, it didnt update at all. Those headwinds got nowhere near to 0 at any point, neither did the slight crosswind give up on me. I guess I will just have to see if it happens again sometime unless a mod or staff member is already aware of something like this.

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