Winds incorrect at VABB

For some reason the winds at VABB are appearing as 13G223 meaning gusts of 223kts which (1) are completely incorrect and (2) make it impossible to operate at the airfield. The issue appears to be localized, but is definitely disruptive.

On the upside, I’m sure someone could make some hilarious XCUB videos if they were so inclined…

Hey mate, hope you’re well. That’s some crazy winds for sure!

The winds aloft which provides the winds for each airport, usually updates every hour or so, so this should hopefully resolve itself when the winds aloft updates next.

There’s been some crazy weather in VABB for the past few days IRL (heavy rain & thundershowers), but probably not so bad. I did do a flight from OMDB to VABB under FNF & landed with near zero visibility. I also did some patterns at VABB on a TBM yesterday & didn’t see any problem with winds or visibility

As Declan suggested, this might be a temporary glitch & the next weather update might sort things out.

Just checked right now for the latest weather at VABB:


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