Winds in China today

Flying B747 supersonic from ZSPD to RJTT.

Should I slow down? Would a pilot in real life go above mach 1 with good winds?


What was your airspeed? Standard cruise speed of B747 is M0.86


313 knots at FL350

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Hey @Ocean1c, as far as I’m aware (I’m no professional pilot but I have a lot of research knowledge), airliners should never go to Mach 1 or over even in the best of winds. All commercial aircraft have a max speed which may be like Mach 0.89 (A380) and so if you go above that then in real life the aircraft will receive structural damage.


Only fighters can go above Mach 1.00

Keep in mind, the speeds that you see displayed on other aircraft (LiveFlight figures included) are groundspeeds. This is different from what you’d fly and set your “airspeed” to as this is, yes, airspeed. 🙃


But, If a real aircraft will be flying 1200 kmh ground speed will it still produce sonic boom ??

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It depends if the aircraft is flying a supersonic speed in the air. Supersonic speed has many different variables (humidity, temperature, altitude, etc). Again, you cannot use ground speed as an indication or correlation when comparing speeds. Comparing ground speed to airspeed is like trying to say a Banana is the same as an Apple. 😅


Ok, thanks Also IDK if you saw I tried to reply with a link to an artical where they say norwigian b787 did 770 mph over atlanic so they refere to ground speed also??

Also are you a Southwest pilot?

No. I am not a Southwest pilot but I am currently in training on the Cessna Caravan. That’s another story so if you want to ask questions about that feel free to message me. But Southwest is my favorite airline due to their fun loving employees, great attitude, respect for their customers and fun atmosphere, meaning they’re a fun airline to be around. Traveling with them is usually no where near as stressful as most airlines. 🙂


Oh got it, anyway thanks for your help

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Gotta love those tailwinds! But they way back thought haha. One of my reasons why I love flying in China. Nice winds and usually not as bumpy as other places

It is very high. In the real world this airspeed at that altitude makes damage to the B747. Your KIAS must be 276knots. It’s equal to M0.86 (B747 cruise speed) at FL350.

Just because the wind is pushing you real fast, you’re not going supersonic. As long as your autopilot says 0.83 you’re travelling at a safe speed for a 747

Saying that is the same as saying “if your airspeed drops to 230kts (at cruise alt) you will probably stall.” Well no, mach speed isn’t dependent on air speed. Just go on solo, put 100kts of winds facing you and watch how fast you are at mach 0.00

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