Winds at DTW

I was fighting winds at 66kts 15 nm from the field at 3,500 feet and up to 27kts on short final…you can see the first screenshot shows that the winds are not 3kts but rather a decent crosswind of 27kts, but the second with HUD does indicate 3kts and also the wrong airspeed as I was not flying at 276 kts right before touch down…has this happened to anyone before?

If I understand it correctly you believe there was a technical issue (wrong indication) in the app showing wrong speed and wind, right?

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Yes and the experience in the sim was as if that was the real wind speed so it made landing trickier than it should have been.

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Was the wind in IF 3kts like it shows or 27kts like you wrote above (and where does the 27kts number come from)?

I had the same issue at DTW just now.

ATIS indicated winds were at 3 KTS, however I was getting 30KT + headwinds on final up until touchdown.


The replay shows a much different wind speed than what I experienced in real time. 27 kts was the real time experience on short final right until touch down.

I see. So this is basically a replay issue (or also a discrepancy to the ATIS/METAR as @Alex_Kyte wrote)?

There is a storm going through detroit right now, very possible the winds are correct (on tower/ground at the moment)


It is not a replay issue for me, as these winds were showing up as I was on a 8 mile final. The strongest I had was like 40KTS.

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