WINDS : Any tips to deal with them?

@Thomas_Hense… "Max Sez ". Spot on again Tom… Think I’ll call you the “IF Duty Expert” and use your address as a ready source for the “Right Stuff”
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Thanks @Maxmustang :)

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It was @AF330 who told me that :)

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@LSZH34: Yes he didn’t find the wind at all realistic. Maybe the device was not correctly calibrated, we will check that again!

Anyway, I have flown on real A320 Simulators used by a big airline (not sure If I am allowed to say it’s name, but you can easily figure it out 😂) and on Xplane.

I confirm that with 10kts Crosswind, the real A320 does NOT react like an A320 in Infinite Flight.

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You don’t even have to fly a real simulator. You can just go to your normal airport and look at the A320s :D

Yes haha but isn’t a simulator better? :)

One tip that glider pilots are given in windy conditions is to maintain a slightly higher approach speed. This means that you are less likely to find your self in a sticky situation. That probably relates to powered aircraft as well.

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Live / Global question about wind speed.

just been flying around denver, and between ground and fl250 the wind speed was consistently around 23-31 kts.

is the default setting in IF one that applies the wind speed to be the same range at all FLs? or can we expect pockets or layers of different windspeeds? wondering if global will address this?

this question isn’t about how to takeoff or land in high winds… but about wind default / dynamic configuration in IF


There will be winds aloft in the global update so yes, the winds will vary with altitude.


On landings, operate manually and wait until 15 feet above ground and which ever way turbulence is turning you , you turn the rudder the opposite direction,. So if turbulence turns you left the you turn right
Let go at 5 feet above ground and you’ll be fine

During Flight you need to make your own turbulence, NEVER fly Auto pilot in turbulence because Auto pilot only makes the plane go straight, you make it to right to left and keep rocking the plane so you always go the opposite direction and make​sure YOU FLY THE PLANE, DON’T LET IT FLY YOU