Winds and the colour of the runway numbers.

I want to try takeoffs and landings with winds. How do the wind directions correspond with the compass numbers?
Also, what do the colours green, orange and red of the runway numbers represent?

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You want to takeoff and land into the wind, so:
Green = Runway is good for takeoff/landing, wind is going opposite direction to runway
Orange = There is a crosswind on the runway, you can still use it while using the rudder on landing
Red = Wind is going same direction as the runway, it is recommend not to takeoff/land on that runway


So with orange I´d need to use some rudder against the wind direction for take off wouldn´t I?

Maybe a little, more so on landing. I’m not an expert.

The arrow next to the wind speed and direction in ° (degrees) shows which way the wind is going. You can adjust the wind in solo mode to change which direction is going (which corresponds with the compass).

On landing it´s rather difficult, I always roll to one side and go out of the runway, how do I avoid that?

Use the ailerons, rudder and keep the thrust going. Yank the lever up if you feel you are stalling or not aligned with the runway well.

That´s the slip landing type isn´t it? The easiest of the three.

Not sure, as I’ve said I’m not an expert! :-)

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If you want you could try not using the rudder for a challenge. You’ll have to land sort of sideways.

But how the direction in ° of the wind corresponds with the compass?

At which altitude do you apply rudder to line up with the runway?

When you are getting close to the runway start aligning the plane with it and use the rudder. I’ll check up on the ° wind thing now.

ALWAYS take off and land on Green marked runway/end. You may need to ‘go around’ to select the safest runway in use due to the current conditions. Orange may be used but is more challenging. NEVER red. Isn’t it nice how IF added these colors/colours to help us :). Line up with runway as per the ILS and conic lines protruding from apex of runway. Approx 7 miles out. If you have a smaller more versatile plane you can get closer. I love to mess with F14 and come in at challenging angles just for the fun on solo but if you are not straight or too fast you just might go ice skating on the runway!

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Yes, very nice :-) San Clemente is always orange/red anyway

But KLAX has four independent runways for international and domestic. If the one I have to use to has orange/red, and the one that has green doesn´t corresponds to the destination terminal, what do I do?
And diverting to another airport doesn´t seem as an option. Well, it would take a bit more of calculation for the TOD of the other airport.

So the wind ° is the direction the wind is heading in. So if you align your plane to 310° and the wind is 310° the wind is heading straight at you. That is a good runway to use and it would be green.

I think I´m not expressing myself in the correct way: according to the cardinal points, if the wind comes from 90°, does it blows to the East, 180° to the South, 270° to the West and 360°/0° to the North?

I think that would mean the wind is coming from the east, blowing to the west.

270° from East to West I assume?