Winds and FPL

Egypt Air 228 currently over Saudi Arabia where winds are gusting 120 to the east (headwind for me)
and this is really slowing me down just wondering what sort of planning measures there are to try and prevent flying into so much wind?

usually simbrief/fpltoif will give you a route/flight level with favourable winds will let you see winds at different altitudes!

Ah, I usually use FPLtoIF but didn’t this time.

I’ve been using windy but I was just curious like for example say for example there was a crosswind on the path I was flying on would it be wiser to fly down with the wind and deviate from my course or fly into the wind?

Yeah i would recommend to change altitude if you experience strong winds

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Yeah It’s 20knots calmer at FL300 so worth the descent.

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@Nosyno. MaxSez: Wx Phenomena like winds aloft, the location and direction of the jet stream ect are at your fingertips on the Web as you Flight Plan. The most reliable source’s are provided free by national services.

In your present Headwind predicament you are on your own, weather reports will not help you. Your best option is to look for a flight level which provides the best wind direction for your route of flight. In the real world Pilots issue real time Wx reports by “PIREP” which provide local conditions aloft and are attainable from FSS or Centers.

Below find the FAA/NOOA Aviation Wx Forcast Web:


(Windy App is not timely, it’s a prediction only and only valuable fit planning not operations)

@Maxmustang Thanks for the info.

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