Winds and clouds @ KLAX

Hey everyone! A few days ago I went spotting at LAX. The majority of the aircraft were domestic flights, but I managed to get a few cool ones!
My equipment:
-Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
-Lens: Canon 70-200mm L

First off we have a Southwest 737-800 inbound from Phoenix.

Next, you can see Maryland One parked at the gate after landing from Tucson. Sorry for the fence…

A Cathay Pacific 777 in the One World livery on final!

A Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, and Air China at Tom Bradley International terminal.

Right here we have a British Airways 787-9 from EGLL I believe

Lastly, a Virgin Atlantic 747 on its way to EGLL. Sorry for the fence, again.

Thanks for viewing! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: This is my first spotting topic so I’m sorry if the photos aren’t that great. This is also unedited, as I don’t really know how to edit yet lol.


Every spotter except @shat and @Infinite_Flight_Sims on here: visible jealousy


Hey fellow Los Angeles person!

Nice shots, I went there before!

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