Winds Aloft

What to do within controlled airspace; when you get wind aloft?

I was approaching Gatwick (EGKK) and approach controller instructed me to increase airspeed which I was unable to do because my IAS was 250knots under FL100.

Due to wind aloft I was getting +120 knots headwind; therefore GAS was 130 knots.

I’m not sure if there is an ‘unable’ command for that mode. I don’t think there is.

The Approach controller should be aware of the winds around, and should realise you are fine to descend under 10,000ft.

If it is a pursuing issue, I suggest contacting the controller. Winds aloft is having a little fun currently I had to deal with 119 knts direct crosswind on my landing 😂.

Just respond “unable”, in the unlikely event there are any repercussions, your replay file will be sufficient evidence to dispute anything that happens.

Weather was down for a few of us today, so that could’ve played into this specific issue today.

The issue was that weather was down for a bit (see top right of your screenshot, the exclamation point. you can tap for more details) and the winds got stuck where you last saw them. IFATC has ways of communicating these things and the controller was made aware.

What I ended up doing was going around at EGKK, which then pulls in the weather at the airport. By the time I made my second pass the connection was back up and running and I had a nice 10kt crosswind instead of a 60kt one while landing.

Yeah that is what I did; gave “unable“ command to appr controller. I didn’t get any warning message in return, I just thought maybe I will ask if I did the right thing.

You did the right thing. You couldn’t have physically gone any faster without getting any violations at under 10,000ft.

Unless there is a serious reason why you can’t follow instructions. ‘Unable’ is a command ATC have to follow, it’s only if you’re in a very busy area, then they may to to compensate and redirect you around.

Thanks for clarification.

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