Winds Aloft

So I’ve had a problem with winds recently I’ve been noticing. When I take off from my starting airport the winds are say 180@9kt and gradually changes as I climb to cruise altitude of say FL320 and say winds aloft are 223@47kt at the start of my decent, but the problem is is the winds aren’t changing AT ALL!! Through my entire decent from FL320 to the time I’m wheels down the wind does not change from the start of my decent and once I’m on the ground it changes to what the METAR/ATIS says, so can someone tell me why the winds change and are accurate on my climb but don’t change in direction or velocity once I start my decent? Seriously try landed a 738 in a direct 90 degree 47 it Xwind

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I think this goes in #support?
Do you remember if the top right icon is red or green?

My account is showing it’s in support already

was the winds aloft server red? Because if so it wouldn’t surprise me, and there’s probably a corrupt file. It should fix itself on the hour so

All the little check marks when I’m flying are always green except for that little prob they fixed last week

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Well no, they get corrupt weather files all the time. And the recent big issue doesn’t/didn’t help.

I’m not tech savvy at all so I have no idea what it is hopefully it changes bc it get annoying trying to land planes in 40+ kt winds

Meh, it’s not annoying, is it fun? no. But if winds aloft is down, the weather icon will be red. And usually on the hour of every hour it should fix itself. If not, chances are you have to restart your device or wait another hour and see:)