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Good day fellow pilots and air traffic controllers. I have a bit of a confusing question, which is winds Aloft on Infinite Flight are telling me that Runways 34 left and 34 right are red however when I look on the real world Flightradar24 that is the current operation for the entire airport at Tokyo International. I don’t want my pilots on Infinite Flight to think I don’t know how to run or controlling airport if I look on Flightradar24 and I see the operations are runways 34L & 34R for ALL current runway operations, why you asking me for departures on runways 4 and 5 then get upset when I reply "pushback approved expect runway 34L 🙄🤔😔👀

Read METARs and decide which are suitable within the simulator.

Don’t rely too heavily on the colors, rely on the METARs.

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Oh for the simulator not real world operations am I correct

It’s fine IFATC does it all the time if somebody PM’s you then say you are following the real world.

No we don’t randomly choose runways that we want to use. Reading METARs/TAFs and deciding which have a headwind is the main factor in choosing the runway.

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All I am saying is that some controllers go off the real world.

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That part I get it’s just funny to see real operations using runways that according to infinite flight are Crosswinds and in real-world operations they’re using the crosswind runway when on Infinite Flight they want us to use the headwind runway…so I get confused

2 Likes is good too for reviewing winds. Sometimes real-life will make the change knowing winds will switch in advance if they arent too strong from a tail wind. Obviously storm fronts are different as the winds will usually be strong.

As often as i can, ill review windy if im going to be opening approach or tower and prepare ahead of time


However I guess like someone said it is a simulator in the winds don’t exactly update fast as we want them to see I’m just going to follow my radar on the simulator and not really worry about real-world operations unless all runways are green which means the winds are calmed then I might get to play around a little bit 😁 😈

In addition to all of the other replies about METARs, sometimes runways with slightly unfavourable tailwinds are still used due to other logistics. For example, in your airport RJTT, runways 04 and 05 are not equipped with an ILS, while 34L and 34R are. As ILS landings are preferable to aid pilots in landing (at least IRL), those runways will be used if the tailwind is in manageable parameters. You will find IFATC routing in landings to red runways like this as well.
Nonetheless, if you are on the training server, I wish you luck. Most of them probably won’t listen to you anyway.

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Actually to be honest with you, on the training server because I’m not controlling at London Heathrow, Los Angeles which is LAX John F. Kennedy or San Francisco 96% of the pilots actually listen because it’s Tokyo International is not a very busy airport at all unless it’s an event and also to be honest I don’t really do pattern work you have to have a flight plan and just leave the airspace 😁. So it’s never stressful. I just ignore pilots who don’t listen


The reason for this (probably) is because the runways they were using was probably suitable, but as traffic increases, the winds change. Unfortunately, changing runways during peak traffic times is, simply put, impossible.

It’s funny you say that because when I’m controlling of course only on the training serverl (for now) when the winds change I just do a ground stop I make everybody hold position then announce that Runway changes in progress and then direct them to the new Runway and like I said before because I don’t control at the troll airport I’m usually good and my Pilots are usually good to me

As IFATC, we typically don’t worry about runway changes if traffic is too heavy. Maybe if there’s 3-5 people on frequency. It’s also important to note that if winds are less than ~5kn, we don’t really pay attention to runway color.

Oh believe me I understand changing a whole airport around on Infinite Flight would be a disaster so I respect what you do. Thank God I control nice low key spacious airports with most of the traffic comes in waves is either a lot of Departures or a lot of arrivals it is never both at the same time at least on a training server but I am still confused with these winds Aloft because I was told by a trainer that anyting 10 knots and under is good to still use the runway even if it has a crosswind or tail wind

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