Winds Aloft

Don’t know if it’s just me or everyone but my weather is showing an error ‘winds aloft connextion’

Will this affect my flights? Has anyone else got this right now?


It’s being investigated right now. It won’t affect your flight more than incorrect winds @ high altitudes.



You’re receiving this, because the weather server is currently down, this means your westbound flights will be shorter, your eastbound flights will be longer.

It’s been worked on and will be back up soon :)


Thanks for the information! I thought it was just me!

Feel free to close this now!


Yeah, this is happening with me. I hope I loaded enough fuel…
Glad to hear it’s not a single issue though.

Cruising ground speeds on the wide bodies would lurk at around 550kts-570kts for the moment.

Fuel planning is the key especially if you are using the Jetstream route over the Pacific.

Yeah, I had to quit my KORD-RJTT early because my winds were stuck at 30kn gusts and the throttle was going berserk all night.

You could have arrived earlier at RJTT if you kept on going ;)

The jet stream would have put a headwind on my aircraft though 🤔

The winds aloft are inactive for now.
Always use a flight plan closer to great circle distance when going westwards over the Pacific and Atlantic.

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Oh ok. Thanks for the advice 👌

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I tried here and it was working… Is it still happening?


It’s likely a server issue. You’re not the only one experiencing it ;)

Yes it is still happening

I took off from Madrid with 0kt winds so it’s not affecting me a lot hahaha! But yeah it’s still happening - luckily I’m only heading to Heathrow in a 777-200 so shouldn’t be too long!

Yeah it started affecting me lastnight at 0200 when I started my flight from Sydney To Honolulu. I feel bad for the autopilot, throttles are going crazy!!

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It was showing a red crossmark when I was on Live about two hours ago on the weather section. I suggest just waiting for a bit and it should be back.

lol I created this topic this morning and the community staff just closed my topic…
I thought am the only one have this issue, no wonder others ppl too!

Today all day I have this problem


I have the problem still in addition to the wind being stuck also the temperature is stuck at 27c at 36000 feet! Not likely…

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