Winds Aloft Wind Glitches

I’m not sure if this is wide spread or just me. On Approach just now when I descended into Philadelphia KPHL in a 787-8 the winds would not cease to be 103kts or greater until 2500ft and made it near impossible to fly and a near stall at 250kts if I tried to turn. This was on expert server and all server checkmarks where green. Is this a widespread thing at the moment or just me right now and is there anything I can do to avoid this again?

Yeah, other people are experiencing similar circumstances, hopefully it’ll be fixed up soon :)


Ok thank you I was considering a diversion to JFK which was my planned alternate but didn’t want to trouble the IFATC if the problem was going to persist. Imagine being told to fly 180kts and begin to start flying backwards


Ah yea, I hate when that happens.