Winds Aloft Weather Disconnected

Hey IFC,
I’ve just taken off from Helsinki after waiting in a long line to take off and then I get disconnected from the weather. Is anyone else experiencing this? If not, is there any way to fix this without restarting the whole flight again because it is messing up with my autothrottle having the winds change from 15-25 knots tailwind in a matter of second? My last resort would be to end the flight but I have come here to see if anyone can help me out. I have looked at the Support FAQ and tried turning airplane mode on/off and it didn’t help. Cheers

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Give it 13 minutes to fix, since it usually fixes itself at the top of the hour.

Let me know if it’s still not working afterwards.

Okay cheers I’ll see how it goes.

yep its all good now thanks for the help